Invitation to Join

To print out or email to local businesses.

By signing up local vendors to your club, not only are you supercharging your club with more offers for your members to enjoy, you are also creating a referral network for yourself. Download the sample Invitation letter here and edit it to suit your needs.


Vendor Offer Form

To be filled out by the vendor.

What is the offer they are prepared to give to your members? Download the Vendor Offer Form below and get all the information you need to upload their offer to your club. Better yet, send it to and our team will upload it for you :)


Staff Reminder

For vendors to keep as a reminder.

It's important that all the staff know what to do when presented with a card or redemption offer from your clients. Print and pin these up on their wall, in the back, or behind the cashier. If you would like these customized with your card image, edit the DOC file here or email your account management team at and request one be made for you.


Club Manager Guide

An overall guide to club management.

As Club Manager, you have access to add, edit, and delete as many offers as you want, as you go. Watch the complete guide here:


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