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How do I get local vendors to join my club?

The easiest way to add vendors to your club is to meet with the decision-maker face-to-face. Explain the opportunity of this free advertisement and show them your app with all the big names already in there. Then have them fill out the VENDOR OFFER FORM available on this website.

If you want to invite a business by email, we suggest using our sample script below. Attach the VENDOR OFFER FORM to your email so they can easily respond with their information.

If you’re having trouble getting vendors on board, PLEASE let us know. The number one rule to adding vendors is… after your first email, follow up with them. Just once or twice.
If by the second follow-up they still don’t answer the call of free advertising, so be it. But you’d have added at least 1 or 2 to get started 😊
Stay consistent with adding vendors, follow up with all of them once a month and put new ones on the list as you meet new business owners and vendors you like. Add ANY BUSINESS YOU LIKE. Have fun with it!

We’re here to help in any way we can with custom marketing materials/documents or whatever you need.

OK I have something I want to add to my club, how do I do that?

Once you have an offer from a local vendor/business, you are ready to add them to your club. Simply register a new card or sign in to your master account at Remember to use your email address that is on our customer record, because that is most likely the master account holder. Then click on "CREATE A DEAL" and begin adding the vendor information. Alternatively, our account managers are standing by to add your vendors for you (and make them look as nice as possible). Simply send your information to and we'll get to work right away. Your new offers will show up in your members' accounts within 24-48 hours.

It's too difficult to add vendors to my club. Help!

Adding vendors may be difficult at first, but remember, you are giving them something incredibly valuable - free advertising to the local community! And it's marvelously simple to get on board! There are no formal contracts or long-term commitments. Showing them your app face-to-face will help as well. Once they see some of the big-name vendors that are already on board, they will be more excited to join. Ask them to simply fill out the Vendor Offer Form with their information. You could even offer them a few of your cards for free just for joining (who knows, maybe someone on their staff will need your services in the future!). Perhaps they will even be open to leaving some of your cards at the entrance as well. Don't forget to ask for referrals!

I'm Killin' it.

Go to DONEMY10.COM after adding 10 vendors, for a small reward.

Go to DONEMY25.COM after adding 25 vendors, for a bigger reward.

Go to DONEMY50.COM after adding 50 vendors, for our BIGGEST award!

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